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Dahlia's ..... the Summer in your Garden
Varieties Dahlegria Dahlia Series Dahlegria Bicolore         Dahlegria

Dahlegria Bicolore

Dahlegria Tricolore

Dahlegria White
Variety name DAHLGR85
Trade name Dahlegria Tricolore
Classification Single flowered
Height 55 cm
Flower 10 cm
Colour Flower Salmon Orange, to the tops more lilac and a large purple red zone around the dark colored centre.
Colour Foliage Dark purple
PBR EU , PP applied for
Propagation Tissue culture
Production Cuttings, tubers
Winner Verwer Dahlias 2013

This singleflowered dahlia has a very special colour design.
The basic colour is between salmon and orange. This blends to the top to lilac. Round the dark open centre there is a large zone of deep purple-red. Plantheight is 55 cm and the plants are freely branching.
They bring a lot of nice flowers during a long time.  A good variety for container culture but also very suitable for larger groups as a landscaping project. Plant them in spring, and after one pinch it will be a colorful spot for many many weeks.
Dahlegria Tricolore  

Update 30 -11- 2016 Verwer Dahlias, Lisse, NL