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Dahlia's ..... the Summer in your Garden
Varieties Dahlegria Serie 2015: New introduction:  Dahlegria.  Dahlegria

Dahlegria Bicolore

Dahlegria Tricolore

Dahlegria White

In 2016 the first 3 varieties of this new collection will be available. Soon after that some beautiful colours will be added This Dahlegria series is a new design of the Happy Single line.
The Plants of this new series have dark foliage and have single flowers.
However, there are differences with the Happy Singles:
The flowers of Dahlegria are larger and besides that they have been carefully selected on growing height and reaction time.
In that way it will be a collection that is very good to be used for pot and container culture.



Update 25-11-2016 Verwer Dahlias, Lisse, NL