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Dark Angel Collection page
Variety name VDTG61
Trade name Pulp Fiction
Classification Single flowered
Height 25 cm
Flower 5 cm
Colour Flower Shiny signal red
Colour foliage Deep bronze
PBR EU 23025, PP 19,285
Propagation Tissue culture
Productiion Cuttings, tubers
Winner Verwer Dahlias 2005

A classic combination, remember the all time favourite Bishop of Llandaff.
There is a difference; this plant is 25 cm heigh, compact en very sturdy.
Nice red flowers over the dark coloured foliage.

A good plant for potplant culture, in pots, windowboxes, containers and in the garden as a bedding plant.
Give it a good place in the sun.

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Dark Angel Pulp Fiction    

Update 26 november Verwer Dahlias, Lisse, NL