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Dahlia Collectie
Varietyname HDW79
Tradename Happy Days Cream White
Classification Single flowered
Height 30 cm
Flower 10 cm
Colour Flower Cream-white with sometimes a weak pink blush, dark centre
Colour foliage Deep darkbrown
PBR (EU33177), PP (23.298)
Propagation Tissue culture
Production Cuttings, tubers
Winner Gebr Verwer 2009

Happy Days Cream White is a singleflowered plant with a compact growth habit.The foliage is very dark which shows a nice contrast with the flowers that are almost white. A good dahlia for potplant cultures and also very nice as a bedding or garden plant.
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Happy Days Cream White  Verwer Dahlias  

Update: 25 nov 2015     all content and pictures: Verwer Dahlias bv Lisse, NL