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Dahlia's ..... the Summer in your Garden
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Dahlia Collection
Varietyname HS Date
Tradename Happy Single Date
Classification Single flowered
Height 24 " - 60 cm
Flower 4,4 "- 11 cm
Colour Flower Orange with a large orange-red zone round the dark centre
Colour foliage Deep bronze
PBR PBR. PP (pl.11.399 P2)
Propagation Tissue culture
Production Cuttings, tubers
Winner Gebr Verwer 2004

HS Date carries the jolly colored flowers over the deep bronze foliage of the plant.

The flowerheads are deep orange with an reddish colored zone round the dark centre.
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HS Date  Verwer

Update: 2 december 2015       text and photographs   Verwer Dahlia's bv Lisse, NL